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About The Academy

A warm welcome to Thomas Ferens Academy. I am delighted to take this opportunity to introduce you to our Academy and look forward to working in partnership with you all.

The transition from Primary to Secondary education is the next exciting step in any student’s learning journey. The wealth of opportunities provided can be both empowering and uplifting. At Thomas Ferens Academy we aim to provide all our students with the very best educational experience and help create an enthusiasm in all our young people not just for their academic education whilst at the Academy but also into their future.

Dr Cathy Taylor
Consultant Principal


Calendar Dates

Friday 10th July The Drama Performance Awards - 7pm-8:30pm (Auditorium)
Tuesday 17th November Production of Grease the musical
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NEWS AND EVENTS What’s happening

Hull to be first "Conflict Free Minerals" City in Europe

After further behind the scenes lobbying and campaigning with the councillors of the City of Hull, I am pleased to say that the resolution for Hull to be Conflict-Free will be approved and passed in Council Chambers on the Thursday 18th June.